early morning cartoons

So sitting at my work desk today i was thinking about the first season of project runway Canada and this absolutely amazing green romper that winner Evan Biddell made on the finale ,
and i had to google him and pull up his first ever runway looks

before you look at the stills , i still to this date remember him explaining the inspiration behind his collection . forgive me I'm going from memory but it was something along the lines of ' smoking a joint and watching Saturday morning cartoons' UNREAL.

i want that coat!

the city

Every single time I watch the city i'm never let down by what Erin is wearing, and from the previews her style only gets better and better. Which makes me wonder HOW did Olivia get whowhatwear girl of the month? Seriously!

This necklace is incredible! It was seen in Episode 4, and I am just dying for it! Definetly going to find out where its from!



True Blood: Lafayette

If you watch True Blood, then you definitely know what I'm talking about when I mention Lafayette's gold pants. I couldn't find a picture of them unfortunately, but they were inspiring for sure.

Pictures are from British Vogue. (They kind of remind me of Aladdin!)

Mobile Jewelery

I can't even begin to explain how amazing Ann Demeulemeester's most recent collections are, but I will talk about the jewelery. I have always loved her jewelery but these necklaces bloooowwww my mind.

I need to find somewhere that sells something of the sort, for cheap. Or make it myself.



Ive fallen IN LOVE with Diane Von Furstenbergs' spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection

its like I'm channeling my inner hippie when i imagine myself in these clothes
the gorgeous prints on the light flowly fabrics is what im all about

note: the absolutely fabulous head pieces the models are wearing. ( Ive been searching online for them for the last week!)

spring 2009



I made a Thomas Wylde doppelganger maybe a month ago, I was in love with the real thing so i tried to re-create it. What once was leather pants from goodwill is now my favorite purse. (there are more spikes on the handle that aren't shown)


so true


mcq for target.

So alexander mcqueen is making a line for target. Although I have yet to see something that i am dying to have, or something that i'd even consider driving to buffalo for. the studded leather vest is nice, yet I just bought on from VV for only $12!!! Im also into the studded grey denim jacket, yet the other peices seem so mundane!



I have yet to see this look good on anyone. Maybe I just dont get it. But to spend 200$, when I can throw my hoodie on as pants? I'm not sure.


bow out gracefully

i find it extremly humerous that lauren conrad is even CONSIDERED a designer.

her amerturish , a-typical , jersey designs are ones that we are asked to make in highschool.

im pretty sure ive made like 3 of her dresses when i was 16 in home-ec

they are all blan coloured , boring cuts.

kids , this is why you stay in school.



so reading the latest issue of nylon I came across this website shopbando.com

the website sells hand made headbands made from vintage fabrics , jems ,feathers ,sequins, anything you can imagine has been glewed to satin ribbon and elastic headbands.

ive sat at home trying to make some.


On a Side Note...

Sam & I are going to her mom's fondu party tomorrow. It's okay to be jealous. 

- Lyndsay

Natascha Stolle


I like the high-waist with the baggy T's underneath. And the side swept hair.


If only I had a motorcycle

Obviously my first post would be about Wasson.
I have wanted this jean/ leather jacket for way too long, and have been procrastinating most of the winter. As soon as I get some money I am going to pick up a leather jacket, and a jean jacket from value village and see what I can do. I dont think I will be able to afford the Alexander Wang jacket anytime soon....

Ever since ive watched TLCs " ashley paige:bikin or bust" ,i've come to have a new found respect for designers. Ashley Paige , internationally is well known, but has never had the backing to mass produce her bikins.

its opened my eyes up to how hard it is to make it as a designer.

all made from hand ; hand spun silk , vintage lace and sequins.
they are works of art more then swimwear.

fall / winter 2008 collection:

spring / summer 2009 collection will be promising.
can't wait for mine.

i dont get how girls can wear these....

mom jeans.

seriously, mischa bartons crotch looks 2 feet tall and her ass probably looks like a cottage cheese pancake.



these shoes will be my obsession this spring

can the snow melt already?

(urban outfitters)
emily .


awesome cool girls,,,,,

i effing love drunk girls.

so fun. screeching like dragons.

they are so loose, they have it so easy.
i wish i was one.

skirts in their underwear,
looks real cute
what a bunch of cuties

they dont care what anyone thinks
they just have fun

theyre just so random

emily & sam xxxo


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