'tis the season

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best colours

The Missoni Fall '09 rtw basically sums up all of my favorite colours ever. Although the last thing on my mind right now is layers and leggings, leggings, scarves, and jackets. Ill save that for fall, but the colours i am super stoked on.



At first I wasn't sure about the chunky heel, it took a while to get used to. but I think these Ann Demeulemeester shoes have convinced me. I love all Ann Demeulemeester shoes though. They are always super wearable.

(sea of shoes) why does this girl seriously have the best shoe collection EVER.

Along with all of the other amazing shoes at Aldo right now, these ones are pretty rad. I have the wedges, but I am kind of liking the sandals better. They are prettyyy close to the Demeulemeester shoes.


my rebutel

So after reading Kellan's post.....I am a little offended I MUST SAY.
Being an avid Twilight series reader , hearing him offend my dear edward cullen almost brought tears to my eyes.
And I am here to explain why everyone is attracted to robert pattinson.

First off... to most girls hes edward cullen ; a perfect man that every girl wants .His love for bella is what every girl dreams of.
As for robert pattinson, his british accent , dirty hair beautiful hair , and somewhat insecurity about himself is what everyone is drawn in to.

and what im about to say next im going to explain very carfully so the guys who read this blog can perfect it.
If every guy just acted cool and collective , didnt really care what they looked like ( some guys are more anal then girls about what they wear), and just wanted to be with a girl without all this bullshit. then we wouldnt have a problem here

so when guys say oohhh bullshit i dont get robert pattinson
well now you should , because we want him and not you CAUSE YOU SUCK
dont hate perfection.

oh and kellan that shovel nose comment. NO YOU DONT KNOW cause i called someone in highschool a shovel face .. he actually was.


cheap nudes ;)

Get your minds out of the gutter! I'm talking shoes, definetly leaning towards buying a variety of nude shoes for this spring/summer, and these 3 pairs totally fit the bill and are all quite affordable ! All of the shoes can be found at Payless, so check it out!

These last ones by Patricia Field for Payless are my varourite. Gunna have to take a trip to the mall ASAP!


I dont get 'it?'

Seriously, what is with this fascination of robert pattinson or whatever? I really dont get it.
He looks like he was beaten with a shovel. All the twilight photos are so madly photoshopped and airbrushed you dont notice his ugly twists in his face. Ie below...Like what is with the lazy eye? The battered nose? the poor sense to look the slight bit interesting? Oh and I cant forget the pouty face look....What is it that makes girls squirt in their panties? If its the fact hes a vampire in one said movie. Understandable. Kate Beckinsale kills it for guys, they cringe in their seats as they watch her slay werewolves. But what if thats not it, what else does he have going for him besides his face posted on every ad covered website as having an IQ of 140? I still dont see it... Or get it for the most part.

Fall in love with a real man, a real good vampire. We all know David Borenaz crushes the ugly stick looks of Pattison.
It just seems so weird... all the attention towards him. But hey what do I know... besides the fact that even if I was part of the female population, Id be dyking it out to the likes of her everynight... zingggg.


kristen stewart

"i've always had an aversion to looking sexy. but i've grown out of it."

whatever, you looked super good in Nylon this month!

I think It's cool shes dating Michael Angarano from Lords of Dogtown, but I dont get why shes not chasing after Robert Pattinson?!

lucky bitch


Let's be realistic

As much as I would love to wear sandals and dresses all summer long, I will be in BC all summer, and most likely (except when it is raining) be skateboarding every day. And I have broken way to many sandals trying to avoid wearing shoes when I skate.

1. Erin Wasson does it pretty damn good.

2. Basically, I will be wearing denim shorts all summer long.

3. I want to buy lots of light basic Ts and blouses. I'm sure I can pull off wearing dresses too, If I throw some shorts on underneath

That Alexander Wang backpack would be IDEAL

4. Not gonna stray from the vans eras.

AND how amazing are those helmets!
I was in Halifax all last summer, and they weren't kidding around with the helmet law. It kind of sucked, oh well.
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Spring is almost here.

So as the weather changes, so must what everyone wears. I know I am excited to adapt some new ideas/styles and drop some coin on some new clothes. I am super into the idea of shorter' shorts per say then the typical 'hey bro check my cut offs out.'Minimalistic accessories such as that boy scout tied chief. Wicked.
And I pretty much have decided to wear nothing but flip flops all summer... again, and a pair of good ol fashioned navy eras ie...

There is something about those shoes that will always keep them on my feet. Matched with some dope red plaid, a denim shirt? or perhaps a bold long hood? Thoughts? Oh and boat shoes are making a strong comeback again this year... DnG snappy... 490$? yikes


so me and Sam were talking last night about doing more make- up posts ,
as you see her obsession with black mine is the more Au natural route.
I don't really like make up. I'm very basic.
i only use two companies. Benefits and MAC.


well i used to have perfect skin up till i was 18, then a teenage crisis struck me and all hell broke loose on my face. soooo my mother went out and bought me MAC foundation...and it saved me.

I am not kidding.
so now i will be forever indebted to MAC , they saved my face.

MAC foundation is oil free which is key, like alot of products say oil free. but trust , they aren't!
and Benefits i just love cause they have the best bronzer/ blushes/ creames i think on the market.

My picks:

Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
Liquid eye liner
high beam CORAlista(new!!)



'Black Glam'

In my Vogue Espana belleza I picked up on vacation last month:
Big fan of anything black, including nail polish and makeup. I love the black lip stick but I'm unsure how wearable it is.


Loreal Paris sent me some new makeup, including the new Loreal Paris double extend beauty tubes mascara. Which works SUPER well. Go Buy!

Would you own this bag?

Almost too ridiculous to wear.. but eye catching anyways.



Me + Crazy + more facial hair =

So this is what needs to be done, because face it.... Beards, Tom Ford Wayfarers, and being absolutely insane gets you chicks. According to Joaquin Phoenix, who below .....
Seems to have it all set. Grizzly Adams, you have a new friend.


Amber Rose dresses SO WELL!
those shoes! shoes and clutch are Louis Vuitton
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Balmain RTW fall '09

I'm not sure I like this as much as the spring collection, but I do like all the stripes. and this skirt is so good. I want to know where I can find one like it. I'm not sure about the bow-kitten heels or whatever they are - not good!


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