NYC ghosts and flowers

OH, and Emily pretty much summed up New York. It was amazing, I can definitely see myself living there. Great shopping, food, nightlife, atmosphere. I bought a bunch of dresses and such from topshop and jewelery. Lucky Brand has the BEST jewelery. But actually, I will probably move there at some point.

Pattern Recognition

A collection of photos, inspiration for my spring/summer. WHICH I will be spending in BC! I leave for Victoria next week. Super excited, I probably won't come back.

bright lights big city

me sam and our friends lauren swav and shane all went down to new york city for the weekend . it was a trip planned in 24 hours. we got there and the weather was perfect. 25 degrees was a nice change from the 9 degree raining weather in toronto. we walked around the city , exploring soho, i was in the desperate hunt for a marc jacobs , which i sadly never found :(. BUT in the hunt we stumbled across topshop. and spent the next 4 days in there.

i was SOOOOO happy not to see a line up around the corner like ive been hearing , we were able to walk right in and explore the 3 levels of womans clothing , which is all to die for.
every level is something different,
first level is all 80's style , donna martin clothing we named it.
second level, kate moss collection
third level, boutique and shoes.
I dont want to talk about topshop too much ,because youll have to go there yourself , its definatly something to see.
Just walking around the city , i got a TOTALLY different sense of style. Everyone is dressed so well , so effortless. Mixes of upscale lables paired with thrift store finds for accents. Which i now know is the key. Everyone is just so chic.
And the city at night just lit up, night life was thriving .


me and sam just got back from new york city!
spent the entire 4 days in topshop.

more to come...



(Lars Botten Photography)

I haven't posted in a while. Emily and I are going to NYC next week, photos to come! woooooo


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